If something scares me, it’s probably what I need to be doing. Sometimes that means taking a new project at work. Sometimes that means investing weekend hours on a new business. And sometimes it means clipping into the steel cable, freaking out and taking one step at a time until you accomplish what you came to do!

I’ve started this site to log my journey, and along the way learn about Instagram, play with social media strategies and affiliate marketing. Always learning new things.

My house, my heart and calendar are full. I am married with 3 kids, 2 rescue dogs, and a job that I love. I am always looking for ways to balance my schedule, make sure I’m taking care of myself and my family. Part of this journey is about removing blockers for my fitness and nutrition journey. Finding tools, tips, tricks and systems that work for me.

I find that shared experiences bring validation for other people who may have the same questions and challenges. So, if you find something that works, great. If my fit isn’t your fit, also great! Tell me what’s working for you. It may be what someone else needs to hear!

Enjoying the journey! ~ Liz